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Rock of the Marne Monument

Memorial Information

"This monument pays tribute to the brave service members of the 38th Infantry/3rd Division of the U.S. Army who fought gallantly in the Second Battle of the Marne during World War I. Sculpted by the renowned Roland Hinton Perry, this monument stands as a testament to their sacrifice and courage. In 1918, amidst the harrowing trenches of France, these soldiers faced unimaginable challenges. With 3,600 service members at the start of the battle, over one-third were wounded or killed. The survivors, grieving for their fallen comrades, came together to raise funds for this memorial, a symbol of their unwavering bond. Located in Billings Park, downtown Syracuse, the Rock of the Marne Monument was unveiled nearly a century ago. The dedication ceremony witnessed tens of thousands, with streets bustling and hearts united. This event, described by the Syracuse Post-Standard as unforgettable, echoes the profound respect we hold for those who've selflessly served our nation. "

Billings Park
Syracuse, NY 13202
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Battle of the Marne

World War I

World War I ... Battle of the Marne